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 My song:School year

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PostSubject: My song:School year   Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:33 pm

I made up a song!

ring ring!
ring ring!
i woke up,
and offed the alarm clock

oh no this cant be,
its a school day!
no no no!
what a school year!
ill never go back!

why!oh why!
did i go to school!
cuase its teribble!
oh what should i do!

why why why why
did i go to school cuase
why why why why
i didnt have to oh
what to do,
cuase its bad and
i want school to shoo

when i go to school
everyone stares
whats wrong?
oh i dont care!

what to do?
i dont know!
maybe i should restart!
my life oh oh!

why why why why
did i go to school!
cause i hate hate hate this
more than drool,
what to do
when i ruin this life
only wait i don't know why!

I'm in my class,
no one sits near me
what to do?
oh I'm not so hungry,
but why?

why why why why
did i go to school!
cause i hate hate hate this
more than drool
when i ruin this life
only i don't know why

oh why...
oh why!
ooooooooh whyyyyyyyyyyy?....

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My song:School year
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